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What is csvTosql ?
CsvToSql a java based highly configurable and expandible conversion tool and library.
You can define the structure of data how render and where write it through a descriptor. Is compatible with the most common rdbms.

csvToSql mission:
convert csv files to sql statements.
- can read data from comma separated value file
- can read data from excel files
multiple output:
- can write list of sql statements to console
- can create text file with the list of sql statements
- can store data to jdbc resource (database)

csvToSql input and output can be extended, go to tutorials section for further details.


How it Works ?
Can be used as library or as standalone program, using csvtosql as a library is very simple, documentation can be found in tutorial section.
Csvtosql provide two frontends for using it as program, executing jar or class net.sf.csv2sql.frontends.gui.simple.SimpleGui a gui will appear. Or you can also use net.sf.csv2sql.frontends.console.ConsoleMain for console version.

This is the schema of how csvtosql work.

All parts are configurable from a conversion descriptor file, usually called descriptor.xml, you can find a sample of this file in examples directory of the release.
csvToSql is highly configurable, so you can write your own frontend, configurator, render, or writer and can also write a new grammar for your database.

copyright 2004 Davide Consonni (